The Lean Myth Buster: How to bust the Lean myths at work (Stephen Parry)


Many people have an impoverished and in some cases a dangerously distorted view of what Lean is. For instance one of the most damaging myths that Lean needs to overcome is that it’s about cutting costs and doing things faster with less people, although cost reductions and service improvements will result from a Lean transformation. Lean focuses on the people: customers, employees and managers. It then designs the whole organisation to release and realise human potential. This talk will look at some key myths and help you bust them at work. Here are just some myths waiting to be exposed.

    It’s about mastering tools. Lean benefits are not found in the tools; however, you will use tools to help you on your Lean transformation. There are thousands of Lean tools. Why? because you’ll have to devise and adapt your own tools – for that you need scientific and critical thinking skills coupled with an understanding of Lean principles. Basically you have to learn to THINK differently.
    Lean is all about reducing waste. Lean will require you to take a radically different view of the work you are doing. Almost certainly, much of what you are doing now is not really work; it’s waste. Processing it isn’t Lean. All you get with that is Cheaper, Neater Faster, Waste.
    Lean is all about processes. Processes link the systems, performance and structure of your organisation. Process improvement is good, but only 10% of the whole Lean story, so what is the rest of the story?


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