Cycle Time Analytics: Reliable #NoEstimates Forecasting using Data (Troy Magennis)


If you are struggling to forecast project delivery dates and cost, or you want to eliminate the story estimation process because you feel it is waste, or you need to build the business case for hiring more staff, then this session is relevant to you. All estimates have uncertainty, and understanding how multiple uncertain factors compound is the first step to improving project and team predictability. A major benefit of Lean is the low weight capture of cycle time metrics. This session looks at how to use historical cycle time data to answer questions of forecasting and staff skill balancing. This session compares the benefits of using cycle time for analysis over current planning techniques such as velocity, burn-down charts, and cumulative flow diagrams. This session takes you on a journey of what to do after capturing cycle time data or what to do if you have no history to rely upon. Reducing reliance on developer estimation (popularized by the twitter hashtag of #NoEstimates movement) is good general advice, having the tools to plan and manage teams and projects is still important to maintain support at the executive level. This session details the approaches to getting the numbers you need to have whilst minimizing un-necesary overhead and estimating ONLY this factors that matter most.


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