Kanban in Film Industry (Nicole Küblböck)


After working at it-agile for seven months, I've absorbed a lot of information about agile methods - as well as adopted Kanban in my daily life (both at work and personally). Returning again to my actual career path, as a scenic painter in the film industry, I have put these methods into practice. In my talk, I will share about my experiment with Kanban in the film industry. How, armed with Post-its and paintbrushes, we used Kanban to manage the flow of props and set pieces traveling through our paint shop. Despite typically being a “push” system with pressing deadlines, we sought to keep the stress levels down, and deliver on-time by visualizing and prioritizing. We dealt with last-minute design changes, and props which were expedited. Come listen in, for a glimpse behind-the-scenes and hear how it all worked out!


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