Continuous Improvement: Hell On Earth? (Katherine Kirk)


We all seem to love the term 'continuous improvement' - which is an honourable intention. But in reality 'continuous improvement' can be hell on earth - e.g. to always be 'not good enough'. In fact, some corporations, managers and teams have been known to use this phrase as an excuse for behaving badly. So, how can an honourable intention like continuous improvement create a negative impact, ie. apathy? If so - how do we avoid it? What are other ways of handling this need to consistently overcome challenges in an ever-changing industry? And does 'continuous improvement' have a limit or is it an endless source of success? Using case study examples this talk reflects on what continuous improvement really feels like on the ground and explores how we might want to approach 'getting better' by looking at and drawing from other industries, research, ideas and real-life experiences.


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