Kanban – not „Yet another development process“ (Florian Eisenberg)


Way too often is Kanban portrayed as an agile, flow based development process close to the classical waterfall competing with Scrum. Kanban is supposed to unite all the advantages that waterfall processes offer (like clearly defined responsibilities, working in specialization, and all of that really efficiently!) with the agility of Scrum. You’re successful, however, without planning, estimation, nobody hast o leave their comfort zone. Awesome, isn’t it!? But that isn’t really Kanban. It’s just FAKE – False, accumulated Kanban expectations. Kanban is, contrary to a lot of expectations, a evolutionary change management method. A central aspect of this method is the establishment of a work-in-progress limited pull system. Through this system, demand is approached to the real system capacity. Limiting the work-in-progress and the other five core practises create a pressure for change. The four principles support changing the system evolutionary and collaboratively. The basics of Kanban – principles and practises – will be presented and discussed during this talk. It is directly especially at an audience with no or little knowledge of Kanban as a change management method. Kanban can be implemented deeply or, the majority of implementations I see, in a shallow way. Therefore, members of the audience who are already using visualization as a first practice should be able to take away fresh impulses.


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