A story of failure - insights from a start-up & why they matter in an enterprise environment (Tina Dingel)



I want to tell you about a slow and expensive failure – www.townster.de – of which I was the GM 2009-2011.
Why should you come, listen and ask questions?

  • Maybe you are thinking to do the start-up thing yourself – hear what didn't work and how not to do it
  • Maybe you just like a good story – and bad news are always the juicier news than good news ;)
  • Be there for a first (and probably one of) - haven't told it before, might not tell it again

Why do I want to tell you about a fail-story from my life?

  • In order to become an agile company, I'm convinced we need a culture that welcomes failure (quick & cheap ones). Let's all take a first step in that direction
  • Because the time is just about right – two years after the fact, it feels ok to share a candid look back
  • Because a colleague pointed me to a very interesting TED talk about the power of vulnerability



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