Kanban, Leadership and Alignment at Jimdo (Fridtjof Detzner & Arne Roock)


The first team at Jimdo to use Kanban began in October of 2010. Shortly thereafter, whiteboards and sticky notes spread quickly throughout the whole company. The Kanban Implementations took on different forms, and ranged from pure visualisation of tasks to different types of WIP-limits and the systematic use of models for continuous improvement (Kaizen). It soon became apparent using Kanban at the team level was very useful, but from the business perspective, it was in no way enough. Two things needed to happen: Company-wide Alignment of all teams and Leadership. This is especially true for a company like Jimdo which constantly doubled its head count every two years, and now has employees on 3 different continents. In this presentation, you will learn how Jimdo established itself in order to coordinate the whole company and pull everything together. What tools and practices proved useful? What lessons were learned? What hurdles were overcome? What role did the Management play? And just what exactly is a Teamverløtung?

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