Creating an adaptive and innovative workforce through Lean-Design: a 1-day class

with Stephen Parry

November 6th ( directly following LKCE )

8:00 - 16:00

Located at Radisson Blu Hotel, Marseiller Straße 2, 20355 Hamburg

The business climate has changed and so must our approach to customers, employees and the way we design and operate teams and organisations. This talk will describe how using adaptive, lean-service design we can transform the work climate forever.

We need to ensure that all departments are aligned to needs of customers and make sure that customer value flows seamlessly from product design, marketing, sales, production right through to customer services.

To do that we need to understand:

  • Why today’s business models do not support the modern customer.
  • Why adaptive Lean is the modern way to run businesses.
  • How adaptable your organisation needs to be.
  • How to align all our business departments with customers’ needs.
  • How we can create operational flow from product design, marketing, sales, production through to customer services.
  • How to rethink goals, targets and measurement systems.
  • Why management and leadership needs a new perspective.

Changing technologies, business models and competitive landscapes are today’s normal business challenges. However, few have the ability to adapt let alone exploit these changing circumstances because of their traditional cultural approaches to management, measurement and people development.

This tutorial and workshop, based on the most recent research from work psychology, will provide counter-intuitive insights into the ‘industrial management’ mind set, its impact on the design of work and management behaviours. We will examine how we can design back in the employees’ willing contribution to establish a real human enterprise that leads to innovation and long-term prosperity.


The Trainer

Stephen Parry is an internationally recognised authority and strategist in the creation of Sense and Respond, Adaptive, Learning and Lean Enterprises. He has applied ‘Lean’ principles to the design and operation of corporations in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA.

He is co-founder of Lloyd Parry, a Sense and Respond 3.0 strategy, structure, leadership and change consultancy providing services to several FTSE 100 companies.

He is the principle author of Sense and Resond: The Journey to Customer Purpose, published in 2005, which outlines a new operating model for organisations based on the principles of the Adaptive Lean movement.  

His management approach resulted in being awarded the ‘Best Customer Service Strategy’ in the National Business Awards 2003 and European Service Centre of the Year ‘Best People Development Programme’ and ‘Innovation and Creativity’ Awards both in 2001

Stephen regularly speaks at leading Business Schools such as Cambridge-MIT Institute, Aston Business School, Cranfield School of Management and international industry events, including the annual World Lean Summit and ‘Strategy and Customer Service’ conferences.

His work at Fujitsu was covered in the Harvard Business Review ‘Lean Consumption’ by Professor James Womack and Professor Dan Jones. His transformation work is the feature of a BBC documentary, The Crunch: Creativity, Innovation and Change, last broadcast in April 2007.

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