Tutorials following the conference

Lean for Knowledge Work and IT

with Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMarie Barry, November 6.-7.

A two-day Kanban class where in practice, attendees tend to drive the direction of the class, as different groups have different elements of Lean, Personal Kanban, personal work, and team work that they want to discuss.

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Lean Forecasting and #noestimates

with Troy Magennis, November 6th

Attendees will learn how to make a case for staffing, resources, time, and even contractual commitments using basic tools, a little data and a helping of visuals in the forecasting language of executives rather than the estimation language of charity cases.

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Creating an adaptive and innovative workforce through Lean-Design

with Stephen Parry, November 6th

This tutorial, based on the most recent research from work psychology, will provide counter-intuitive insights into the ‘industrial management’ mind set, its impact on the design of work and management behaviours. We will examine how we can design back in the employees’ willing contribution to establish a real human enterprise that leads to innovation and long-term prosperity.

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Kanban for IT Operations

with Dragos Dumitriu , November 6.-7th

Working in small teams, class attendees will analyze and design a Kanban system that they can bring back to the organization to implement right away.  We will also look at how to manage risks related to the increasing complexity around software delivery and support.  Attendees play the “Kanban for Ops” version of the GetKanban game.

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