Social Event

The event starts at 7pm, but you can also come later.

There will be a shuttle from the conference venue to the social event. If you would like to join us later, here‘s the adress:

Miniatur Wunderland

Kehrwieder 2

20457 Hamburg

If you need a taxi, call +49 (0)40 221122

After the first conference day we invite you to our truly awesome social event at the Miniatur Wunderland the world's biggest model railway. Get ready to be blown by an astounding world built in over 500.000 hours of work on a floor of over 1.300 sqaure meters


A backstage tour  will show you how this great little world with its 900 trains + 12.000 wagons traveling several hundreds of kilometers is brought to live. Over 200.000 figures in dfiferent parts of the world like Scandinavia and the North-East Sea with its 30.000 liters of water, Germany, America i ncluding Las Vegas and the fictional city of Knuffingen with its fantastic fully functional airport on 150 sqaure meters, will surprise you again and again as day and night will take turns every 15 minutes.


If words don't convince you watch the video or take a look at the pictures. For more picture go the Miniatur Wunderland website.


Don't miss this great oppurtunity and see one of Hamburgs biggest attraction in town while having a drink with all the great people from the conference. 


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Socialize with us!