Lean Kanban Central Europe‘s Mission

Lean Kanban Central Europe’s mission is to help Managers and Leaders - and as Stephen Bungay taught us recently, also Commanders - to make better decisions. We strive to, in the words of Mike Burrows, increase an organization’s learning capabilities. Therefore our conference is designed to help traditional line managers, as well as servant leaders and change agents, who may have little positional power, but care about their organization and are looking for ways of driving sustainable change.

What attendees can expect is a variety of the world’s finest speakers on Lean and Kanban and related subjects, high-class venues with an individual atmosphere, as well as plenty of opportunities to mingle with speakers and other attendees and to share experiences.


Lean Kanban Central Europe is not an academic conference, it’s a conference for practitioners. Most of the content is derived from practical experience. Each edition of the conference presents a whole set of real-life case studies, ie SAP, Spotify, Siemens, Ericsson, Jimdo, BBC


At the same time we also believe in the value of sound theory, because „if you don’t understand how something works you cannot scale it“ (Dave Snowden). Therefore, we strive to present models and theories from different disciplines such as Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory, Queuing Theory, Manufacturing, Psychology and Sociology, or even Military History. Practical advice should be embedded into these theories and models.


Our objective is that every attendee will get several ideas of what he/she can do differently in his/her office next Monday and why this might be a good idea.


To accomplish our mission, we collaborate with Lean Kanban North America and several European conferences like Lean Kanban Netherlands and Lean Kanban UK.

Lean Kanban Central Europe is an official Lean-Kanban University event. It’s an international conference and therefore entirely held in English.

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