Lean/Kanban at Scale


„How do we scale Lean/Kanban?“ is probably one of the most common questions when it comes to real-life implementations. Lean/Kanban is no one-size-fits-all solution. So there are many ways of scaling – completely depending on the context of the organization. At this year’s Lean Kanban Central Europe conference, there will be several experience reports on implementations that go far beyond the team level.


  • In their session Flow Thinking – The Mental Leap Håkan Forss Erik Schön will present how they are working on continuously improving Flow at Ericsson in Stockholm. -> Go to session
  • SAP is Europe’s largest Software Company. Alexander Gerber and Martin Engel from SAP’s Lean Agile Core Team will share their experiences with moving a department of 2.000 people towaads Lean/Kanban. With all the ups and downs. -> Go to session
  •  Usually Kanban is introduced and scaled rather slowly. Siemens Health Services in the US took a different approach: All teams at once! Dan Vacanti and Bennet Vallet will present their learnings from one of the largest Kanban implementations in the world and why they found data extremely useful for improving the Flow! -> Go to session
  • Spotify grew from a small start-up to a quite big company in incredibly short time. Joakim Sunden will present how Spotify manages to stay lean despite this rapid growth -> Go to session
  • More than 9 Million Websites have been created by using the Jimdo Website Construcion Kit. With 170 people, Jimdo is a rather small company. But there are probably only a few companies worldwide who have adopted the Lean/Kanban Thinking at such an advanced level and throughout the whole company – including Dev and Ops, Online Marketing, Country Management, PR and even the Chef! -> Go to session


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