De-mystifying cross-functional teams

Cross-functional teams seem to be one of the sacred cows of the Agile movement. While I totally agree that we need more collaboration in many organizations, I have never fully understood what exactly the term "cross-funcional team" means. A while ago I discussed this with my brother Stefan, who is one of the smartest guys ever, and the result of this discussion was a 9-page article on cross-functional teams, which was published in our magazine agile review (German). We are quite satisfied with the content, so we decided to translate it into English and make it available for everyone. 

These are the topics we deal with:

  • When should we call a team cross-functional?
  • Cross-functionality, speed, innovation and efficiency
  • The cost-perspective (aka Reinertsen Thinking)
  • The way to cross-functional teams
  • What has the A-team to do with this? 


Download the full article here


Arne Roock

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